Tuesday, 9 July 2013


yikes - who stole last week!!!!

I had 2 huge orders come into the shop last week.  The kiddies felt and foam model kits that you all loved are all back in stock - along with some super paper mache shape kits - dog - owl - japanese doll - for a bigger project.

The the monthly yarn / craft suppliers order came in - - -yikes guys - - did you really get through that much yarn last month!!!  The baby pink came in - and then went out (the whole lot) in about 2 hours.  All the Violet has also gone - BUT - and this is huge - I have managed to get

------------ drum roll

 - that pretty Emerald that ran out after Christmas - and a wonderful Royal Blue (been trying for months - and 'THAT' baby is due sooooo soon)

I have a huge wedding order to get out this week - with name tags.  It is so hard to scribe in this weather - the ink dries out on the corners of the nib before I can get it onto the paper - that's fun!

I have a 'helper' for the summer - a darling little girl, just finished 6th form, wanted something to do for the summer hols before starting to do an Art and Design course at college in the Autumn.  She volunteered to help out in the shop over the summer break doing anything I need to get some experience - just how do you say 'no' to that!  It will be such a help - and a whole new outlook for me - I love someone giving me a new view of things.

Right - are we all ready for a glorious week - and a chance to do new things!


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