Wednesday, 10 July 2013


OK - I have job for you all!

when you see me in Homebase eyeing up the paint colours.

(((- I thought the front porch was looking a bit 'bland' and boring.  And - on my 'getting rid of the overpainted wallpaper' kick - I thought I would do that and then add a bit of warmth into it. 

 I had a small pot of Terracotta paint - and I added what was left of the Bright Orange pot, along with the odd bit of (whatever it was called) Dark Red stuff - great mix to - what shall we call it -  'Warm Coral' colour.


mind you - since then the weather has kicked in - and it has got clear and hot - so I am thinking - perhaps a lime green ? ? )))

Yeah - that's just it - I spent all the evenings last week va-va-voomimg my front porch - what I should have been doing is getting the Nellie-Ellie kit ready for you - and finishing the lace jumper pattern - and getting the button boxes made up - and - - .

- So - next time you catch me in Homebase looking at the paint - just gently lead me away.

And if I slip through and make it towards the checkout with a paint tin- take me by the hand and take me to the nearest pub - buy me a glass of wine and say


kitten and

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