Friday, 24 May 2013

Petition to sign

The trade organisation representing craft retailers sent me this article.  You should check it out - sign it - pass it around everyone and get them to have a read.

Crafting is 'not creative' - bloomin' cheek!

Petition Against the Government Reclassifying Craft as Non-Creative

By Sarah Jane21 May 2013
On April 30, the government released a 'Classifying and Measuring the Creative Industries' consultation paper announcing its proposal to reclassify craft, so that it will no longer be considered part of the creative industries.
Since the petition was created, raising concerns over the government’s plans, by property developer and broadcaster, Sian Astley, it has received more than 23,000 signatures.
Crafters and industry bodies, such as the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA), are backing the bid to urge everyone to take action and sign the petition to stop the government taking craft out of this sector.
The petition states: “The craft industry and those who work in it, some 88,000 people, are making a £3bn annual contribution to the UK economy and are inherently and by their very nature creative. 
“We want the UK government to stop ignoring The Crafts Council and the thousands of mostly sole trading craftsmen and women who consider themselves to be and indeed are creatives.
“The government should be proud and supportive of our vibrant creative craft industry and celebrate the individual, rich diversity of skills and craftsmanship, not seek to declassify, dismiss and undermine it.
“Calling an IT business analyst a creative but refusing the title to a skilled potter or ceramicist shows the level of understanding that those proposing the change have of what is and isn’t creative.”
The petition, which closes on August 8, 2013, still needs more signatures, so if you would like to join the cause and sign, visit

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