Saturday, 25 May 2013


I have had quite a busy little day.  Beautiful sunshine - had the door open all day - and 2 wedding orders to get finished for next week. 

Hubby took me out for a bite to eat as Son was out partying all night - that was really nice.  It's not often we get a chance to just natter and catch up.  When you are married for a long time you deal with all the everyday stuff that you have too - and forget that you can just sit and gossip for a bit.  When you do - it's such fun.  So huge thanks to the son who went out - and may he go out lots more.

 It's Art On The Prom at Grange tomorrow - and the weather forecast is looking good :-) - so I can't wait.  Got a car full of goodies ready to show - all Izzy's knitting - and my knitting kits - loads of cards - and just a few supplies.

Do join us on the prom - and do come and say 'HI'

kitten and

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