Friday, 17 May 2013


Huge apologies to all for my absence.  My health was so poor last week that everything just got too much for me.  I don't normally share Fibro stories - but I will this time as it may be of interest to other fibro ladies of a 'certain' age ;-)

I have been having a really tough time with the jolly old 'night sweats'.  I don't mind being hot - but this was getting to be really painful - like I was going to boil over or something.  I had a routine check up with the doc anyway and he recommended herbal treatment   Yes - really - the doc - I love my doc - he is so open minded and approachable. We have a really good health shop next door to me so I went to see them.

Now - if you have Fibro - you will probably know that one of the worst things to affect it is Adrenaline (which is why we have to avoid stress and bad situations).  Apparently - the 'hot flushes' and 'night sweats' induce an adrenalin rush response - which is why I was in so much pain and struggling with Fibro flares!!!!  You have to know about those things don't you - now it all makes sense.  Anyway, now I am on a Red Clover Extract Complex (???)  with all sorts of other little goodies in it to help calm the adrenalin.  So far so good, I actually slept all through most of the night last night - can't tell you how long ago I did that.

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I am gradually getting back on top of things so just keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. thats interesting to know,and makes sense as I have found my pain to be worse when I havve a lot of hot flushes! as a fellow sufferer I am straight down to the health store tommorow, thankyou


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