Friday, 19 April 2013

Tinkering about

I have at long last got through enough wedding favours to see me through the next 3 months - with a few to spare - so I can do something else.  I seem to have been stuck on these favour for weeks now.

It is a much more gentle week in the town this week after the chaos of the Easter break - so I am having a tidy up of all sorts of things.

I have had this box of beads for year and years - always meaning to sort it out - and never getting there - you know what it's like.

So I have spent all morning tinkering about and 'organising' it.  There is still a very small box of the dregs to finish - but it's so much better

Also - loads of darling little glitter pots arrived with the postie.  I love these - they all stack up onto each other and you end up with a big long stick of glitter pots.

Also the postie dropped off the Cardmaking and Papercrafting Mag for May
The freebie is a paperstack and chipboard embellies to match - one has sold already - but I have  a few left still

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