Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shop talk

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Right fun stuff ;-)

We are now stocking monthly magazines.  Big step off the cliff into the unknown for me.  It costs you exactly the same as if you went to W H Smiths - but you get to support your local craft shop.  

So far we have Paper craft Inspirations (my fave paper crafting mag)- this month there is a free set of colouring pencils and 20 images ready for you to colour and use on your projects - as well as Carnival papers to use.  Just £4.99 - there are 3 left now.

We also have Lets Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet.  This is my fave of all time mag - now, I know that £7.99 seems to be a lot for a monthly magazine - but this one is just amazing. Every month you get a pair of knitting needles - a crochet hook - 6 balls of co-ordinated DK yarns and a beautiful magazine packed with news and new pattern ideas.  Each magazine is based on a theme and the patterns use the wool provided - so each one is a  complete kit and you can start working on a project at once.  There are projects for the new starter as well as the more experianced and there is usualy a soft toy to make using all the yarn kit - so you have no excuse to get going.  This month's theme is party - and the toy is a wonderful elephant.  There are only 2 copies of these left


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