Sunday, 3 March 2013


I have been a bit lax with the blog this week - sorry.  2 Reasons really - the trip to Stitches really wore me out - and filled my head so much it has taken a while to digest it all! - second - I am overrun with wedding favors.  Absolutely brilliant - but it does keep me occupied!  I got 60 pouches out last week - with die cut bells - ribbon bows and named swing tags - I have 100 little tote bags to get out next week - all with the bride and groom's names on - 50 to get out ASAP as she wants to decorate them - another 100 to get out by the end of this month - and then 2 more month's worth of weddings.  Love it!!!

I am opening the shop today - yes on a Sunday.  There is a food festival in the town this weekend and I just thought that after all the effort that had gone into organizing it all  - I should show support for the town and open.  Hubby is in the Westmoreland Shopping Centre working all day as well.  I don't expect I will sell anything much - but there is always the wedding favors to keep me busy!  

The town setting up at 9.30 this morning.

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