Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shop talk

Something totally new for you this week - I am hugely honored to be selling the hand knitting of Izzy's Sox.

Izzy has been looking for an outlet in Kendal to stock her socks - hats - scarves - and now her dog coats.

She makes wonderfully coloured eclectic pieces - all hand knitted, not machine.

The socks are truly unique - even a pair is different!  They would be great under wellies - or chilling about the house to keep your toes warm - £12.50

And one of the smaller terrier dog coats - really a fashion statement! - £10.50

She can make different sizes and colourways to order so just email me if you are interested.  She also has her own section in the on-line shop which I will add stuff to as she makes them.

Just remember - if you fall in love with a piece - grab it - there won't be another quite like it!


kitten and goat@gmail.com

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