Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Show talk

wow - I did it - I am sooo proud of myself!!!!

My son and I had a wonderful chilled time mooching about the show - saw some 'names'

Dyan was there with her journals - so cool
 Barbara whom I have known for years was really busy

I met up with the Tando guys - just lovin their projects - they have some amazing new book cover kits

How about this? - paper sculpture - isn't that amazing

Or this 'little' chappie?  - Decoupatch

There is good news - I have found a company that just does quilling.  The paper strips and assorted kits.  The prices are very good and I will be ordering you some when I get my feet back onto the earth!

Bad news - there is no free hand embroidery anywhere - could not find anything at all.  There is still quite a bit of cross stitch about - and I will be stocking Textile Heritage kits - really pretty matching sets, and just a little harder than the Mouseloft ones - so a good step up for you.

I have ordered loads of brilliant little books for you - a series called '20 to Make'.  Lovely photos and projects to inspire you.

There is a company that imports hand made Russian 'dolls' - well they are kits to paint them up as animals.  Good quality wooden blanks to paint - you get 3 shapes - the paint - paint brush - and the instructions for about £10 - planning on that for the summer hols

We have also got House Of Crafts on board - they do fab kits of all sorts - including candles, soap and bath bombs - that is more of a Christmas thing.

Got loads of ideas for projects of our own - and some brilliant ideas for rally cute little gifts and treats for yourselves - and don't get me started on the mini rolls of fancy fabrics and trims.

There was loads of sewing - and knitting is going to be HUGE still.  I visited my haberdashers/knitting/type suppliers to say hi and ask them to match a ribbon colour for a large wedding favor order - they are such nice guys - so helpful - so hi to everyone at 'Simons' and a huge 'thank you' from us here

Hi to the wonderful guys at Mouseloft - the new 'Little Dog' range is super - we will be getting that in for the summer - and the 'Tiddlers' range too I think (just gotta sneak that  one past the old goat xx)

I have also applied for a Craft Creations trade account - so we can go big on the aperture type cards for you - I know you buy them before I can get more - so we should be sorted now!

phew! - need to wind down a bit


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