Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Shop talk

gosh - I thought we were going to get away with the worst of the weather the other week - now we are back with snow and ice - you should see the top fells - wow - totally amazing (well if you like frozen solid!)

Well - that means we are going to have a really quiet time in town - AND that means - I can get tidying and sorting and organizing!!!!!

I have got another project in the pipeline for you - a canvas with a sewing theme and a paint dabber involved.

I have loads of hand made papers that I am sorting into small bundles for you.  Mostly handmade Indian with glitters and flocks - but also some animal prints cards.  I have put it all in 50p bundles - just in the shop at the moment (not sure how to list it on line really) - so drop by for a bsrgain - don't think I will be able to get any more

The Valentine / soppy / love type cards are realllllly HOT at the moment - just ONE week to Valentine day!

all sorts of fun love-ie cards are in the Valentine section - all of these are one -of- a-kind - but if you want something with your own theme - shout out now - time is running out!


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