Wednesday, 6 February 2013

oh wow

gosh - this week is a bit different - work experience!!!.   Those of you with senior year kiddies will know the routine - my son did his with a local hotel and loved it - this year, with a 'proper' shop I have got involved and have my own student for a couple of days.

I was thinking about doing it, and then when I was in Booths the lad pressed a wrong button on the till and it did not tell him how much change to give.  Scary - but he did not know how to count up from the amount it was to the amount the customer had given him to give the correct change.  That made my mind up.  I am a real believer in showing the kids exactly how to work - be polite - serve the customer - I don't think the work ethic is a natural 'given' to human nature and you really have to teach the youngsters how to do the job properly.

so - all in all - this week is gonna be a blast

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  1. A firm supporter of learning by having practical experience! Good Luck! You may need it, Chris.


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