Saturday, 2 February 2013


Jeepers - where has this week gone?

I have had a good old clean up in the shop and got the last of the left over paperwork finished - finally got Christmas brushed way and the book all up to date.

I have cracked Kindle Publishing (well almost - still struggling with table contents!) so I can publish my knitting and sewing patterns there for those of you that prefer to use that method of reading.  It's amazing how practical Kindle is really - my hubby gave me one for Christmas - I am still finding my way about - but it's really useful.

I have also been doing a lot of sewing.  I am not a trained seamstress - just a good old make it up as I go along practical maker and I had all sorts of wonderful fabrics donated to me that I wanted to use and get out there in the world.

I have been making knitting rolls

and pencil rolls.

There is more variety in the pencil roll fabrics - being smaller I needed less fabric and I had a few amazing tweed remnants to use up.  The inner fabrics are all Sanderson discontinued patterns - so they really are unique treasures.  I am selling them in the shop - and the instructions are available on line in the downloads section of the shop

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