Saturday, 23 February 2013

been decorating again!!!

Now that the knitting kits are becoming an item I need proper space to organize them so I can find them easily.  I am such a 'sorter outer' - I just love setting up a system and getting things neat.

So - I have painted my little box room.  I stripped off all the horrid wood chip - well it fell off really - I think it only stayed up because the room has so many short walls and corners!  And I have painted it a lovely vibrant green - Pistachio I think it was.  I had loads of those wall slot strips and shelf brackets knocking about in the shed - so it only cost me the actual wood shelves.  Hubby put it all up - there are still a couple of shelves to fit in when he has time - but you can see how wonderful and neat it all is.  The green trays are seed trays - bit fragile - but cheep and cheerful - each tray has a different kit in it - the instructions - weighted yarn - and anything that just gets used in that kit (the bells and ribbon for the cat for example - or all the eye pieces for the owl).  The big box at the bottom has all the stuff that gets used in all the kits - the packaging - needles etc.

The flower pot kit is ready now - the pattern is availiable as a download and in the kindle store if you prefer that.  The complete kit is in the shop - I am not going to add it on-line because it includes the pot - and you can bet it would get cracked in the post

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