Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Shop Talk

The yarn seems to be develop[ing a live of it's own.  It is doing really well, and I am actually just putting together another order for some as a customer wants a huge quantity of the Apple colour.  I have to say it is a beautiful green - and the best seller so far.  Keep an eye on the Robin DK section as more will be added soon.

also just arrived are a small selection of knitting patterns for you.  Some super hats and scarves - yes and for men too!!!! - which is what we all need now.  Plus some really cute baby patterns.  I will pick up a few every time I go there to add to the stock - you will find these in the 'Patterns' section of the knitting and crochet

Another project I have just started is making some knitting needles rolls for you.  A couple of people have asked - and the wholesalers only have ones already filled with needles - way to pricey!  So I am going to make you some.  I have a load of vintage fabrics from the gentleman I have been helping sort out his mum's old craft stuff - and I am sure she would be thrilled to have them live a second life as things for other crafters (already got a pencil roll in the works!)

oh - and the Purrfect Pussy Cat kit is ready - phew


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