Friday, 20 April 2012


Got the keys - whoop - whoop
Not sure it's hit home yet!
Wanna see?

The old goat measures up for my new desk.  The shop space is about 12' deep and 10' across.  Huge window front with a little raised display area in it
There is a darling little fire place - which we hope to restore eventually. the walls are all rough clad plaster - which is wonderful - with original exposed wooded beams. I am going to take all the batons off the wall and repaint them white and leave them plain. 

 The ceilings are soooo high - we guess about 20" - but it seems well insulated and seemed quite cosy inside.

Beside the front door is a run of plain wall - here will go our slat wall and the book cases

There is a small passage way - which will eventually become the space where painting and wall art will be displayed

And beyond that is a tiny little kitchen / staff / stock room.  Uck pretty mucky - needs a good scrub and coat of paint.  But there is a decent kitchen sink - and a couple of cupboards - loads of shelving - it will be fantastic

Then the old goat found a spider.  Yes - he got soooooo excited that he had a spider - said it was a really rare one in the North - and a good luck symbol.  All I could think was - IT'S A SPIDER - GET IT OUT - but he nursed it and talked to it - and put it put side

kitten xx


  1. How exciting for you both Pandy, what an adventure! Good luck with the redorating, and I hope you dont find any more spiders!

  2. Oh Pandy, how exciting is this?! i love that you're sharing your adventure with us!


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