Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Scrapper's Delights


Come home for a couple of days to catch up with the bench work - and blogger is all different. - Scary :-0 - is it better?  It will take me a few days to find where everything is now.

Anyway - shop update.  Sooo sick of the smell of paint and desperate for a bath - so I have come home for a couple of days to catch up on 'my other life'.  The shop is looking super.  All the walls and the ceiling have had a good coat of white - and most of the walls have had 2 coats.  The kitchen / back room is all done - the walls are white and the kitchen units are Dove Grey (to match the other furniture).  I have scrubbed and sanitised out the fridge and microwave - and given the floor it's first good scrub.

The window now has it's proper display space - ready to paint - and the window frame and door have had the first coat of grey.

How cool is this?  - this is one of several of the original beams left exposed.  I just love it - imagine if it could tell a story.  There are loads of these - plus a huge big roof beam that is original - and an amazing little ingle nook over the back room door.

The next biggie is building my work bench.  I can't fully move the wrokshop over until I have proper working space there.  I am hoping that the old goat will be able to fit that in Thursday or Friday.  We are out working all weekend - Grange Art show starts for the season.  So it will be next week before we can start to get the furniture in.

I am going to have a really restful day tomorrow and try to catch up on a bit of rest - and my blog posts for next week.

More to follow
kitten xx

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  1. Still not sure what I m doing on Blogger either! There is some progress with your shop, it will look wonderful when it is finished, I am sure


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