Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ester Gundry

I did a workshop with Ester Gundry this week - it is the second time I have worked with her - and I just love it.
She brings you the project you will be doing - and loads of bits - and basically says 'here's the toys - go play'.  It is so great to be given a free hand to discover things for your self - I have done classes where we have had to do exactly as we are told and I don't think you really learn things that way.  It is so much better to have the encouragement to try different stuff.

We made a card - a decorated canvas - and a candle.  Ester is much more into die cuts than I can do - she is a demonstrater and has tons - I am more into image and mixed media.  What we both share is a serious love of inking - distressing - embossing - and layering.
So this post is for Ester - what I did when I got home. 

 After raiding The Works for canvas blanks

Not bad for a first time all by myself - and yes - I did make the rosettes!

and a candle - can't beliefe I actually did it and it worked.
I didn't have any cellophane to wrap the caldle in - so I cut the top of a DL card bag in a pretty pattern and used that - perfect
Thanks Ester - see you in June
kitten xx

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  1. Wow a post dedicated to me :-) love it thanks Pandy and you are most welcome, love your canvas and candle. See you in June xx


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