Saturday, 25 February 2012


Ok - I am going to come clean - I keep dropping hints.  Since the beginning of January we have been negotiating for a tiny little shop in the heart of Kendal.  It has not been a secret (and some of you will already know) - but I have not announced it publicly yet.  It should all come together in the next couple of weeks and I have been busy painting display stuff and finding suppliers.

I picked up this wonderful book shelf in the Age Concern warehouse for just £20 - bargain - but looks bit uck.

All the background stuff is going to be a soft dove grey - and I am painting baskets and odd bits in a selection of highlight colours.  So the overall effect should be on the lines of :-

It's a tiny little shop so the decor needs to be light and airy - I think it will look pretty.

Chairs to match

I hope they hurry up and let us get going - I am tripping over furniture and boxes everywhere

kitten xx


  1. thats really great Kitten, I wish you all the best for your little shop's future, I feel quite excited for you :) x and when we take a day trip to kendal in the summer we will call in- yay! x

  2. Wonderful news! Wishing you every success with your shop x


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