Saturday, 18 February 2012

Messing with paint

I am starting to repaint all the shop display stuff.  For reasons which will be come clear (hopefully next week!) we are going for a more of a 'grown-up', modern corporate look - aiming for less of a cutsy, girly feel.  I have had the same colour scheme for 5 yers now - and I feel it's getting a bit tired and dated.

I am painting everything a soft dove grey - and adding highlights of zingy colours in orange - lime - blue - yellow - pink etc.  Found a super range of colours that suits - the Dulux Feature Wall range - it's 3 for 2 at Homebase at the monsnt + 15% off.

So here is my tall, narrow A board

And I found this old shelving unit in the shed (don't tell the old goat I knicked it!!).  It was blue because it used to be in my summer house years ago
Now it's grey - it will look really pretty with some bright colour baskets on it

Now - where is the big back A board?

kitten xx

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