Sunday, 19 February 2012

Erica's new range

This has taken me weeks to get to - I kept printing out the digi and losing on my desk.  There are 4 or 5 kicking about somewhere in the office - sorry Erica.

This lovely little chappie is from Erica's new range - Lillianna & Pickallie.  He comes uncoloured so you can create your own colour scheme for him.  It is still very early days for this pair - so if you like them do drop over and support her work.

This is the multi-fold card that is doing the rounds at the moment -see below for template.  I use some beautiful pearly looking textured card that I have had for ages.
It opens out
It would make a really different shaped album - needs tinkering with to get wider hinge space to allow for extra layers - and would need a ribbon to close

Can't find the original blog I got the pattern from so you will have to cope with just my notes - sorry

kitten xx

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