Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Inktense hold-all

 The Curtain shop in town has a big box outside it full of old curtain sample they are selling of for £1.  I guess that it is patterns that they don't do anymore.  'They are fully made up and lined with header tape - when you unpick them there is about a fat quarter of fabric and also lining - and it's the heavy upholstery type fabrics.

I am having a ball!!!!

I have made cushion covers - and I am currently making a door curtain for the front door from 4 panels - that's a thick, heavy, winter, door curtain for £4 - bargain

I also made a bag to carry my Inktense pencils about in.  I have the sets of wooded drawers in the office (really fab storage and not at all expensive) - but when I go to the flat I want to take them to colour images.  I made a bag exactly the right size to take my box of images and papers and fit the drawers on top.

Don't ask me sizes - I just made it up

kitten xx

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