Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Odds & Soxlets

Super cool - quick and easy project for you ready in time for the Trick or Treaters ariving on a door step near you VERY SOON - how quick has this year gone?

Erica also includes a pre-coloured image with the digi images.  This is handy to use as a colour guide - to use if you don't like to colour - or if you want to make tiny images that would be too small to colour.  The Haloween images I have used are HERE

Digi magic - insert the image onto a blank page in your PC program.  Make it quite small and copy and paste loads of times.  Then add the other image and do the same.  Spread and mix the images all over your page.  Use the 'rotate' tool to swing them round - make them unside down - sideways - anything.  Print the page and use it to make your project

This is the basic cone pattern - 1/4 circle drawn at the corner of a piece of paper - you can choose any size you want - just stick the edges together with double sided tape and fill with sweeties

kitten xx

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