Saturday, 22 October 2011


Been playing with my new Hougie - so first experiment - first project - first tip (I drew on my board!!!!!)

First experiment - always loved that Tim Holtz die that makes the rosette - never could afford it though.  So my first project with the Hougie was to make something similar - just to play with scoring.  Did a .5cm one and a 1/2" one.  I punched the outer edge with the spider web to make a frill effect - I am really pleased with the look

First project - on my blog - at last the 'how to' for the box with the higher back to decorate!!

Over on my site now

Rel you what - it took me longer to set up up the tutorial than it did to get the basic pattern right

First tip - I wanted to score a diagonal line to make the back pattern - BUT I could not be sure that I had lined up the top mark with the bottom mark along the same score line - so I drew up one of the score lines with a permanent pen.  Now I can see exactly where the score line is top to tail!

kitten xx

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