Friday, 23 September 2011

Scrapers Delights

Well schools are back - collage is open - universities are starting over the next couple oif weeks - and things are starting to get bavck to 'normal'

Scrapers Delights are holding open the Back To School Challenge for a bit longer so you can get settled to do a project/  And there are frrebies to use so get yourself over there

This frat cap is one of the freebies - and I made a class album. 

Lovely and scriffy - painty and layers - loads of texture ahd detail.  I left the mortor board palin - we all know they are plain and boring - but I matted it on bright orange and made a multi-colour tassel to go in it.  The covers are corigated card with bits torn off - loads of torn paper layered - black wire hinge with loads of multi-colour ribbons.  The text is hand done with silver metalic ink - and there are red - orange and black card pages.

It's so cool

kitten xx

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  1. Love this graduation book, What a great idea for a gift. The collage look is so fab. I need to try it out.


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