Friday, 19 August 2011

New Idea

I got a pressie - isn't that nice!

Nicky from CUT AND CRAFT  said I could choose 1 item from her shop to play with for free.  Wow - thanks Nicky.

Have you seen these guys - they have templates to make all sorts of amazing 3D objects.  I loved the train - and the cars - and the houses -  but I thought I  had better start off with something simple and practical for the stall, so I chose the 'Ring Pillow' - thinking I could add the bride and groom names to make it special.

This is my test make-up - just to see how it goes - so it is not as decorated as it would be
Complete box

With the lid off

You get a printed template to make the box base - the box lid - and the inner pillow with the rings.  I need to find something better to make the rings from - but I am very pleased with the overall finish - it makes up such a pretty keepsake

I am very glad I started with something simple.  It just shows that following someone else's templates and instructions is not the same as doing your own stuff - and you soooo have to test it out first.


Now I have an idea of what does what - and what goes where - and which needs patterns -  I can just explode with colours and textures and it will make really amazing 3D sculptures that are so personal.

I still love the TRAIN - and the FRONT DOOR - oooooh

pop over and see what you think - think of all those Christmas pressies you could make

kitten xx

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