Sunday, 31 July 2011


Had a fabulous day at Grange-over-Sands with the Prom Art show.  It was really busy - all the artists spaces were taken - and there were loads of people out enjoying the warm day.  A bit over cast - so not much sun - but that's just as well stood out on the seafront all day.  Got a beautiful bit of wind burn though ;-)

Special thank you to all who stopped by my stall to chat - and to buy of course - and a big thanks to the people who came especially looking for me - it's so wonderful when people are pleased with what you make and come back.  I was very good and did not bring any treasures home this time - got my eye on a ceramic penguin though for next month.

Good news is the lady loved her wedding vow scroll and they fly out on Tuesday to get married - phew - that was just got under the wire.

I have done nothing in the office for next week - so I will be holed up in there for a few days to catch up. 

kitten xx

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