Monday, 27 June 2011


Well - ok it is normally my day off but I have been at a dog show today (Lune Valley Agility show) -  took the boys (and the old goat) and had a fab day.  I actually took my cardi off - shock - yes - really - no woollie - first time this year.  Wonderful and warm!

The car was still packed from yesterday at Art on the Prom - so I just put up the stall and a couple of displays and left the big boxes out for people to rummage through.  I sold a bit - and the old goat worked his socks off drawing doggies - and my guys were just beside themselves with the joy of it all.

I love the dog shows - this weekend and for the next 10 days Lune Valley and then Barrow Dog clubs take over the Westmoreland Showground and camp for a huge dog agility bash - they even have Crufts qualifiers - how cool is that?

It is just the most amazing atmosphere - over 1,000 dogs - and it is such a calm, tranquil event.  Even fidget (who I was seriously thinking - could I cope with hysterics? - good as gold.

Both totally crashed out now - me to follow soon!

kitten xx

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