Sunday, 26 June 2011

New work

I am at Grange today - art on the prom - just keep your fingers crossed - it's supposed to be a heat wave (all it needs to do is stop raining!!!!)

This is what I was playing with last night.  First attempts with Inktense pencils.

I bought a colouring book in The Works with fairy pictures - you can get some really good grown up image books there for £2 and they are fantastic for experimenting with.  I am quite pleased with my over all colour work and blending - I have a long  way to go with skin tone (always hated flesh!!!!) - and it's digging way back into the memory to water down colour to make it paler.  So used to Copics!!
I am going to have so much fun re-learning with my Inktense!

kitten xx

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  1. Wow! It's a been a while since I've coloured.

    Happy blogoversary :)


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