Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pencil Museum

Just had the pictures through of the birthday cake for the Pencil Museum
The are going to stock a few of my cards - it's a totally different concept for them.  They work alot with gerat pencil artists - but this is the first time a crafter has been invited.  Their cards and prints are all copies of the original picture - mine are all hands on coloured amd each one is different.  I am putting togeter a small protfolio of designs that I can reproduce in a similar way.  It is so hard - the papers will always be different - so the colours used have to match the papers - but basically the images are the same.

I am going to use the worm & apple and the big present (both Stretch N Bubbles) - and a couple of the dragons (from Sweetpea).  Need a couple of teens and a baby, love and a couple of cutie animals/people that should do it.  It's brewing away at the back of my brain at the moment.

Will launce here soon

kitten xx

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