Tuesday, 7 June 2011


You are going to have to let me off today - my son has a new job and I am shattered.

It is his first real proper job and we have had to go about getting ID and bank stuff sorted - then he had to take all his details in and get it approved so that he really could have the job.  He was flapping and panicking - and I was pushing and shoving - we were both so stressed by the end of yesterday afternoon it's just not true.

One big thing I struggle with is when you get all hyped up and full of adrenalin - it just knocks me out - I don't know if it's the fibro or the fatigue that causes it.  I am so stiff and sore today.  I have tidied up my little office a bit, swept the floor and sorted out the buttons - and started on a new Soxlets project for tomorrow.  but I haven't really sat properly and worked.

If we are this bad just for the interview and induction - goodness knows how we will cope with the actual start day ;-)

Kids - don't you just love 'em

kitten xx

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