Friday, 13 May 2011

Stretch N Bubbles

The little lad next door asked me to make him something 'happy' to hang in his window and look at.  Guess he is waking up way too early in these light nights.

I used this Surf dude from the shop HERE

I made 1 image quite large (it is 6") - then I 'copy-ed' it - and 'flip-ed' one of the images - so that you get 2 image that you can put back to back.  Very simple, and quick Copic colouring - he stood and watched me colour it - and chose the colours - but I did draw the line at blue hair!  I put some 3D glaze on the glasses and he is absolutely fascinated by the shininess.

Small tip - if you add your length of ribbon with the fold INSIDE the shape and the 2 ends loose - you can tie it over a curtain pole easily

Very simple - but he is so thrilled with it - bless 'em

kitten xx

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