Saturday, 19 February 2011

New idea

You know - sometimes I see a photo of something and it triggers memories - and then I get itchy and want to re-make it.

So .. . . . . ... . . . . . .

I saw this
 - when I was a kid - the ultimate of cool was a vanity caseYours
 and it had to be this shape
so I was back in my teens again

and playing . . . .

This is MY take on the totally hot vanity case that we all HAD to have - totally re-created from scratch - in card - as a gift pouch

It's a darling little chap - 7cm on the base line - 7cm total height (in an oval shape) and 4cm deep.

All it took was 1 sheet of 12" double sided paterned - but I did add an extra layer to all the inners to firm it up.  The buckle is made from grunge board painted with metallic gold.  Ribbon handle, with an added matching tag and a bead fob.  And - just by chance - I had some tissue paper the esact colour of the inner pattern

kitten xx


  1. This is totally gorgeous. I remember those days - sigh!!!
    Denise xx

  2. I would never be patient enough to craft something like that - wow!! Janna


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