Monday, 8 November 2010


My ferret show yesterday - Cumbria Ferret Rescue

I think the biggest thing I learnt was just how docile and good tempered ferrets are - and how little they squabble.  Yeah - in't that just the opposite of their public profile.
There were well over 120 ferrets (some had driven for hours) in the hall - all in their cages (some up to 8 in a cage) - being handled - swung about - passed back and forth - sized against each other - washed - brushed - kissed and snuggled - (yep - they happily dumped them on me to cuddle as well).  They were man handled - passed about from owner to steward - to judge for marking - back to steward - everyone cooing and cheering all along the way.  Only twice did I hear a spat break out between 2 ferrets - and only twice did I see the teeth come out (one was very minor - the other did draw blood) - I call that totally amazing.

All the little critters were full of themselves when they arrived - all active wanting to meet and great old friends and family - after they had all been through to the judges they were totally shattered bless 'um - and tucked themselves in to bed to sleep.  They all piled up on top of each other - and they were so tired that sometimes they would turn over and fall out of bed - and not notice.

Sales wise it was not a huge success.  Not sure if they did not like my images or if they just did not twig what I was doing.  Well, I am prepared to stick with it for a while - the rescue guys work so hard - and I tell you - you can really see it - not like those big charities.  I bump into them all through the summer - we will just have to see how things go next year

Anyway - I am going to chill for a few days and get my head together

kitten xx

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