Saturday, 23 October 2010


We have a weekend guest - I had forgotten all about puppy manners (well - lack of manners)
It is total bedlam - and I have hardly done any work, but it's soooo funny. Puppy is only 4 - 5 months old - all paws and floppies. She has eaten up all scraps off the floors - and has been learning to go up the big stairs.
The palace guard dog is nursing his squeaky toy and refusing to get involved (she is too big and rough for him) - fidget is run ragged, but can't settle (he has to look out for his mummy, and he does not really know what other dogs are) - and puppy is falling over tired, but won't stop in case she misses anything. She is everywhere - into everything - but she is such a sweetie - just starting to learn a few words

kitten xx

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