Thursday, 26 August 2010


Salisbury's want to build one of their new 'normal' size grocery stores on the cricket ground in Kendal.  You should see the plans/impressions - really cool, very modern and slick.  And they are going to build a super cool modern sports facility - over a really top class - drop dead gorgeous - Victorian cricket ground and pavilion.

Hmmmm - Do we need it???

Kendal is tiny little town - the local population is actually quite small - more a large village with big high street shops really - and we have a big Asda store - a medium Morrison's - a small Booths - and a medium Iceland - as well as all the local small/artisan food producers shops, and a couple of really big farmers outlets (plumgarths - Low Sizergh Barn - Aireys - BeeLocal) that's with out listing the Made In Cumbria - Handmade in Cumbria - and all the small local one off shops - you should see the wet fish shop in Finkle street.  Where to start - certainly not at Salisbury's!

The new store will be on the same road as Morrison's (about 1/2 mile away) - and more expensive so I won't do my big shop there (like - who will).  And it's not got the quality or local stockist that  Booths have - so I won't switch there.  Plus, we are a pretty poor lot up here you know.  It may look drop dead pretty in the pictures (and it is) but really there are no high profile jobs (very few anyway), no big factories / industries / etc - we are all very local, small, entrepreneurs -  and the farmers up on the fells have to work really hard (above and beyond the call of duty) to earn a crust - I really can't see how a Salisbury's is going to fit in here.

Then - they are going to build over the local Kendal League cricket ground - and the cricket club are against it all.

Am I being mardy - or just missing the point of supermarkets being exciting

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