Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Starting to feel a bit brighter - have got loads sorted out in the shop - new section added so I can sell on some of the books I don't use anymore.  It probably sounds daft to add them to my web site - but most are craft books and I can easily list them onto EBay from my website.  The guys wrote this cool gadget that uses the listing direct from the site at the touch of a few buttons - and it all intergrates to the order management in my site too.

There is loads of work to do on the site - I keep starting things and getting distracted, wonder off and forget to finish it.  Still have the party designs to finish and I started that at least 18 months ago.

Going to get cracked into the money voucher section tomorrow - it's just such a cool idea!

kitten xx

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  1. Hi kitten glad your feeling a bit better, I been feeling fluey today, think things like that feel ten times worse when youv'e got fibro, love the crotech flowers, i'm making a rainbow throw for winter


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