Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I was having a lovely lie-in this morning (like you do) - thinking 'just another 10 more warm snuggle minutes with Fidget and I will get ready for my yoga class - lovely day planed - involving dragons.

Big knocks on the front door

- guys come to fit the new windows.  - What - Excuse me - how much notice - soo not ready - one is for my office (you have seen how packed my office is) - nothing cleared - the old goat on his way out the door to drop son at collage - guys unloading in the front garden.

Panic looks like a kitten grabbing leggings and a tee-shirt before throwing stuff in boxes.

I cleared the bedroom - that's not a problem - not much in there as I only de-junked last week (thank heavens) - my office - WHOLE OTHER BALL GAME THAT.  3 Morrison's plant boxes (had planned for as least) and 2 washing baskets later - yikes

The guys have done 2 of the windows - and cracked the glass in mine so have to come and replace it on Friday - but son's room needs a bigger hole cut and will have to wait a few days more.  He has moved into my summer house as his room is upside down with all my office stuff.  The old goat is going to do a couple of alteration while I have the shelves stripped off

so - basically - I have done no work - just fretted and stressed - Like I really need that today.

I have tomorrow free to re-group and re-organise and sort out

gosh what a pickle

kitten xx

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