Friday, 12 March 2010


I am half way through a few projects on my bench - but have to keep stopping and waiting for paint / glaze to dry. grrr
Meanwhile back on the home front:
- the bathroom guys have finished - bless - everything, just, everything, they did this morning went wrong. 2 Hours quick finish turned into 4 hours plus mad panic phone to the boiler man. No-one - NO-ONE - could have done a better job - Terry and Chris - cheers guys. Love you
I worked like crazy this morning to get the muddle sorted. Washed walls - cleaned and rehung pictures - washed floors - polished wood - things put back. Then I slept most of the afternoon - honest guys - one day - just one day - I NEED to get the house in some sort of order - I feel like a reject from a bomb-site. I know - I know - pace - and - slowly - yeah fine. That does not get a tidy house!!! Still got to wait a week before I paint the walls.
Kitty update - The lump on Thomas is now huge - say a satsuma orange size. Thomas himself - absolutely fine. Bright and bouncy - loving the kitten milk - has a few scabs on the lump - but don't know if that is stress on his skin, or where he scrapes it trying to get under the units - am using Emu oil to keep it comfortable - but he is just fantastic.
This week has been a grad old muddle - here is to next week. Oh I start an alcohol course with Colleen Schann
I did my Copic training with her - the closest you can get to 'Copic Certification' in the UK
kitten xx

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