Friday, 27 November 2009


Just got back from a school 'do'. It was a ladies pamper evening - not not me: I had the stall - but the old goat was not invited. I said to him on the way (he took and collected me - not allowed that much freedom) - I don't think I have been anywhere in an evening by myself for at least 3 years - how sad is that!!!!!!
Mind you - the household fell apart while I was out - poor old fidget is so stressed bless him (((had a little accident on the floor he was so stressed)))
Dear old goat lugged all my stuff there (and there is extra because of the Christmas gifts) - and now he is putting all the boxes back in the rack. Have you see the shop storage?? It is 4 of those plastic drawer sets you can get. The theory is brilliant (yes MY idea) - all you do is slide out the drawers/boxes and take them off the the event - then the just slide back into their space. All done neat and tidy. But this is the goat we are talking about - - - ooooooohhhhhh boy - the language coming down the stairs
- well - - thank Heaven's princelet is a teenager
That's all I can say.
But bless him - he's done all that just so I can go to do a sale just by myself
kitten xx

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