Thursday, 26 November 2009


Serves me right for taking last night off - you should have see my inbox tonight

I have been playing with box patterns - I want to come up with a 'golden' layout that can be altered to fit any situation with out any hastle.

so far -

Ashtondale ( sent me a bag of left-overs when they were having a clear out - I love there big bag bargains. There were several card blanks that were a lovely soft, silky feel - but the oddest size (shorter that a tall thin, but wider) - anyway I cut them in half - like you do - and made then roughly A7 size. Hay, twice as many for half the cost - I had to make the envelopes anyway so it made little difference. The little cards are covered with a pink scrapbook paper and the detail on the front is part of a felt ribbon that Papermania released last year (might even be longer) - I airbrushed it with a rich brown COPIC ink.

I know - just how amazing is that

I added a few rub-ons just for a bit of detail. Do rub-ons go off? Does anyone know? There were Basic Gray so they were good ones, and nothing from the top sheet would stick down, but the pages towards the back were ok. Don't know much about rub-ons - now I know why I don't bother!!!

I made the hinged box for them to the size I wanted from strong pink card stock, and used the same paper for the lid.

I have a few more experiments to sort it out, but I am going in the right direction now


kitten xx

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