Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Well my day was well and truly trashed I can tell you.
I had a good yoga session, and was looking froward to a nap and starting work on the prayer card order from church. So I was finishing my lunch and the dogs were going nuts so I thought the parcel from Mad About Cards was arriving. When I went out there was a black and white collie sniffing about - no owner - just the dogie - he came when I called him - collar NO tag. Come on world - you love the dog enough to buy him a collar - but you don't put your phone number on it?
Well, he was an easy going enough chap - know basic commands - and he padded in and out the house while we waited for the dog warden to collect him (what else could we do?). He was getting a bit stressed - in and out - up and down the garden - peeing everywhere and turning up the mud - and trailing it every where. The house was wrecked - muddy paws everywhere - even in my office upstairs - my dogs hyper and hysterical. I have washed all the floors and pacified the guys - etc etc.
If only the dogs collar had had a phone number on it - I would not have had 2 very stressful hours (which will take me a couple of days to get over!) - a thoroughly mucky house - 2 guys of my own hyped out.
And the morale of the tale - CHECK YOUR DOGS / CATS COLLAR ID TAG - thank you
kitten xx

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