Friday, 18 September 2009


I started a new Copic design course this week - on line from America. Remember how I am always going on about how they are way ahead of us?? They have all been buying these cute little cubby hole storage units to store their Copics in the colour groups - and (guess what?) can't get one here (and I am so not paying £40 postage).

You can't leave kitten out!

I made one.

I have a few A0 sheets of very heavy weight book board that I hardly ever use. So I made 12 little boxes 13cm deep x 7cm x 8cm (wanted to fit it under my other shelf). Then I added an extra section all the way round the outside and the back - to keep it all square. Covered it in a Chinese scrapbook paper and painted the inside pink.

Cool eh?

kitten xx


  1. Great idea! This Canadian might have to borrow it!

  2. Hey! Nice job on making your cubby from scratch!! I'm impressed!!


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