Tuesday, 9 June 2009


You know my grumpy, bad mouthed, foul tempered, pig headed, OCD, stubborn - - - no, not the old goat - - - the palace guard dog!

Here he is! - yeah: all of the above.

He is pining for the old goat! Bless his little socks.

He spent all last night sitting in his chair, looking out the window waiting for his Evsie to come home. Want to know why? The old goat pampers to all his needs and wants, drops everything as soon as the guard dog barks to play and generally runs around after him. Me - the guard dog does what he is told - ooooooh yes, not spent years working with dogs to end up doing what they want. The grumpy old guard dog does not like that - doing what he is told.

I took him to the Church office today - usually the vicar's dog is about - to cheer him up a bit. But Steffie is still poorly and not about, but he did still see a few folk, so that cheered him up. And he did pester fidget knickers to play with him for a bit, and now he is flopped out on a pillow (a bit like the above!) dozing.

I wish I knew what the weather was going to do - I would get out all his agility play stuff if it was going to stay fine for a bit. Can't really win - he has to do what he is told - but he gets a bit of work.

Me? - I am looking forward to a few slow, peaceful, (tidy) days to just to potter about and catch up. I have a poem to work up to finish, so that's great - and I have a bit to get done in the garden / potting shed.

And I am just going to chill


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