Sunday, 24 May 2009



The pre-order forms are out from Cuttlebug for this years new images (bit late - they said June, now it will be August - so you can bet September).

Want to see?? Course you do

Embossing folders - I love the owl - could do loads with that! Quite fancy the diamond plate too.

Not quite sure what the journal one is all about though.

There does not seem to be any die cutting in this release. Although provcraft had originally said June and Christmas for releases this year, not sure if they will make the Christmas deadline on this

More embossing - quite fancy Celtic knot and love the organic borders

This is a new Idea - not sure how it will work until I actually see it. It's called 'punch and emboss'. I do like the first one though!

Costs are going up because the exchange rate with the dollar is not nearly as good as it was a year ago. The only thing I have bought direct this year is the H2Os - and that is only because they are ceasing to make them. With the costs and duty, it's not really worth all the hastle. So expect the folders to be around £3.50 - £4.50. the borders around the £6 mark - and I have no idea about the new punch ones - guessing it will be similar to the combo ones.

To my knowledge, nothing is being discontinued - all the previous ones are still on the order sheet

The BIG problem is - - can you wait until August?

That's a no then



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