Monday, 25 May 2009


Monday is kitten's day off

I have reached 'that' point - Fibro guys will know - something has to go.

Now - what do I cut out - what do I do, that uses too much of my precious energy, that I no longer need? I stopped going to Sunday service about 6 months ago, what next?
- Supermarket shopping - well we need to eat
- Church office - not much stress - no one about - and I work on my sites
- Yoga - go get stuffed!!! - I sooo need my yoga - not not ready to go it alone - it's all that keeps me walking!
- craft class - 2 a month - my ONLY social outlet
- monthly ostio - could do 6 weeks??
- nails every 2 weeks - so not fair - it's the only 'beauty/girl/glam thing I do - well - could cut
- I have to have my neck seen to every 4 months - make it 6 months??

That's my life- in a capsule - so what's to go??

Personal dignity - that's what. what ever I end up losing - it's a knock to the 'can't do that any more' camp - and something I will never get back


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