Sunday, 5 April 2009


Do you know what time the old goat rolled home?? Just in time for lunch - TODAY!!
On the plus side, he is now out in the garden building walls and flower beds for me to earn extra brownie points.
As for me - fibro flare I'm afraid - big time. Just don't feel attached to myself, everything hurts, can't keep my eyes focused. It's a gorgeous day and I want to be out there digging. Did plant a few little plants though. And gave the guys had half an hour agility work. It takes a huge amount of effort to work the dogs - you have to really concentrate, and so do they. On what you want them to do, what they are actually doing, what they MAY do, what you are going to do next, on what your feet are doing, on your body language to direct them, on how you are working as a team and I have 2 so they have to learn to wait and take turns.
Our trainer reckons half an hour training work gives dogs more 'work' exercise than 2 hours run in the park and is far more tiring - you can see why. It is just as well he recommends 20 / 30 minute chunks: that's all I can manage too!
Well that's about all I have done today

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