Monday, 6 April 2009


Monday is kitten's day off
But - I won some money and the cheque arrived so I went to cash it.
I very rarely have money just to spend on craft stuff so I am so thrilled. I bought one of the new Fiskar's border punches
Got a few packs of pearl card that I have not got yet. And a fantastic new paper called Colotec - it's an ivory and has the most fantastic surface for inks.
They are still very new in this country so you might find them a bit hear to find, but they will get more available because they are so useful.
Then I dropped in to for a set of border embossing folders that I really love.
I am treating princelet to a craft class on Wednesday - he love it: all those grown up ladies to impress!
And that's about it really - huge thanks to - the guys who devise my web site program - I HUGELY recommend them

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