Sunday, 15 March 2009


Did you notice??

There is a definite 'spring' feeling about.

Princelet has decided to do the household chores for me (well, for money really). We have settled on an hourly rate and I now have a sparkling bathroom and a tidy bedroom - with promises for the hall and kitchen to follow. It won't last long, but I am milking it while I can!

I even pottered about in the garden for a bit, deadheaded the polys, swept up a bit, weeded the front lawn, cleared a bit of rubbish - I am itching to get on with the new landscaping - just need a few dry sunny days (and a few bricks).
This is the spot I want to tackle - open it all out and create some flower space

On a shop front - I have gone through all the stitching section and organised it a lot better. It is now all catalogued and back online (I have a habit of sending a couple out to people who order - then I have to sort it out).

Next - the stamping section - another thing that I tend to just give away!



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