Friday, 21 November 2008


Went out to lunch with my darling curate friend (well she is a vicar now I suppose - but I always think of her as when I first met her). It's lovely to get out once in a while (sans dogs!) and have a good old chat.

Have carried on with my clear-out - it's that time of year again! - and I came across some work I did with a 'treasure box' stamp. Have you seen these? Think they are just for making boxes? Guess what?
Think again -

Cut out the centre panel.

Mat, mat and mat

makes a great topper!

. . . . Cut round and leave the right side tab on.

Makes a great gift or small card

Cut around and keep the top tab and make a small card or gift tag -

or -

use 4 panels to make a screen card.



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  1. Hello Panda
    I have just found your blog and I am so pleased that I have, it is an inspiration in here, I love your craft.
    Sorry to hear that you to suffer with the dreaded fibro, I am conviced that fibro wears a black cape and comes out to play when you least want it too LOL
    I will check back here often
    Chat soon


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